Constitutional Crisis Brewing due to U.S. Supreme Court Decision

Chief Justice Roberts’ Dissent Explained

I won’t editorialize about the fundamental moral and societal impacts, or on the flip side the impact on my gay and lesbian friends. But on the rationale behind the Court’s action, Chief Justice Roberts’ dissection of the majority opinion in the US Supreme Court’s decision displays it for all to see–this was a results-driven decision without Constitutional basis. If the Court can impair States’ rights like this in the face of the 10th Amendment, what is next? Texas is already hinting at civil disobedience. Others will follow. This doesn’t bode well in the long-term for the future of a “united” United States.



  1. By the time I tried to post a comment on the WordPress Forum about your wish to have the Rainbow Banner removed from your blog, the topic was closed. I guess they don’t want to talk about their beliefs, and they certainly don’t want to talk about giving their users a choice.



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